Forest Learning Day 2

Another jam packed day at Forest School today for us. Again we had an early start a had to travel to school by bus this morning as it was a little further away. On our drive there we drove past the children walking to the woods who were all very excited to see us and waved at the bus passing.

In the woods we were split into groups to go off and explore. This morning we were with the younger children.

The first activity involved teamwork and required the children to listen to and trust each other. They had to balance on a log and switch places without touching the floor to put themselves in height order. Once in height order they made themselves into a caterpillar, holding onto each other’s shoulders. Then everyone but the leader closed their eyes and they walked round the woods.

The children then had time to practise their knife skills. They were each given a knife and a stick to practise shaving the bark off. All of them were very careful, and handled the knives confidently and safely. Myself and Mrs Chamberlain also had a go and carved a magic wand out of our stick!

It was then time for ‘Fika’ which is break time. We all walked to be forest school meeting place and had coffee, cake and fruit with the children. After Fika the children were set a challenge to look at maps and identify landmarks. They then had to represent these maps on the floor using natural objects. They looked really closely at the details and were very creative with the materials they found.

Next it was time for lunch, again we were invited back to school to enjoy lunch with the children. Once in school we removed our shoes and helped ourselves to a very healthy lunch of meatballs, pasta and salad. The children were very proud to show us round their school and share their school work with us.

This afternoon we went to the woods with the older children. Their first activity was to lay down peacefully in the woods and listen for the sounds they could hear. We lay for some time looking up into the tree tops and at the beautiful blue sky. We then sat up and the children identified which birds were in the woods by the bird songs they could hear.

The next challenge was to identify different types of moss. The children were given a chart with the names of moss which they had to find and place on the grid. They were very good and could identify and name the characteristics of each type of moss growing.


After a busy day in the woods, we were invited to a different school to share our good practice and deliver a presentation to the other teachers both from England and Sweden. It was great to listen to others share learning from their school too. We then all sat down to eat dinner together cooked by the school chefs.

It was also really interesting to have tours of both of the schools today to have a look at what their classrooms and learning environments look like. Can you spot any big differences between Sweden and England?


We are now very very tired, and need to get to sleep as we have a 7am meeting time in the morning!

Mrs Read & Mrs Chamberlain. 🙂

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