Last day in the forest

Today was our last day in the forest. We had a very early start and had to leave the hotel by 7am, as we had a long walk and needed to be in the woods ready to start at 8am.

Our day today involved working with the Swedish teachers with no children in the woods, just us. We were very lucky to have 7 Swedish teachers with us who all planned different outdoor learning activities to show us, and for us to try so that we could share ideas and bring home new activity plans to use with our own children in school.

We had lots of fun working in teams trying out the different activities which ranged across the whole curriculum and through all ages. Some of the activities included:
Geography – reading and making maps, creating landscapes.
Science – searching for insects, creating food webs, classifying,
Maths – measuring, counting, making patterns, shapes, learning co-ordinates, creating equations.
English – learning language, giving and following directions, grammar work.
Art – making pictures using nature.
DT – using tools and creating fire, cooking lunch.
PSHE – teamwork, discussion about needs, wants and survival.


After a busy morning of activities we were all ready for lunch, however this also required some hard work. We had to cut up logs for the fire, make the fire, chop up the vegetables and then cook the food ready to eat. It was delicious!


We feel very fortunate to have been part of such an amazing trip, and the staff in Sweden have been so welcoming and accommodating, sharing such excellent outdoor learning practise. We have so many new ideas to bring back to England with us and can’t wait to share them with everyone at SDS.

Mrs Read & Mrs Chamberlain. 🙂

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