Park Ranger Visit – Year 1

Over the past two weeks Matilda and Paddington class have had a visit from the Park Rangers at Forest School. They came to tell us more about what a Park Ranger does and how we can all help to look after the woods. We were given ‘junior park ranger’ stickers to help remind us of our important role.

All of the children listened very well and had some good questions to ask. We then enjoyed exploring the woods with the rangers who could give us some expert knowledge about the plants and insects. This is what we found out……….

Rules to follow when in the woods:

  • Don’t litter – this is harmful to the environment and could hurt animals.
  • Look after the trees, don’t cut them down or break them. Park rangers only cut down trees if they are a danger or ill.
  • No fires or BBQs – this could be very dangerous if out of control.
  • Be careful around water – don’t swim in rivers or lakes, you could get hurt or become ill from the water.

The Park Rangers told us there are 204 parks and open spaces in Northampton and only 3 Park Rangers, so they are very busy and need our help!

The children were very interested in the Park Rangers uniform. They wore high visabiity jackets so that they can be easily seen in the woods, and had extra thick clothes to avoid being hurt by trees and plants. Their shoes had thick soles incase they stood on anything sharp, and they all wore hats when it was sunny. They also had walkie talkies and body cameras to record any activity observed in the parks which might be bad.

We also got see the Park Rangers vehicle which was a 4×4 and had orange flashing lights!

The Park Rangers bought along a recently cut down tree branch and tree stump. Together we used magnifying glasses to take a closer look and had a go at trying to find out how old the tree was by counting the rings.

All of the children enjoyed the Park Rangers visit and learnt alot. We hope you continue to remember your junior park ranger role, and help us to look after the woods.

Mrs Read 🙂