We have had a visitor….

This week in forest school the children went into the forest as normal however….. they noticed something different in the forest.

Underneath one of the trees the children found fairy dust scattered along the ground. The children were fascinated by the fairy dust and found a letter close by from Flora the Fairy. The letter read:

Dear Year 1 and Robinson Class

Overnight I crept into the forest to build myself a shelter. However, it was so cold and windy that I could not find what I needed. Please could you build a shelter for me and my friends so we can return and sleep safely?

Thank you children.

Miss Flora the Fairy




The children rushed to Flora’s aid, using the forests natural resources to create homes for Flora and her friends.

“We can make a trail so the fairy houses connect for them to see in the dark.” Ellen

“We need some pencils to write the fairies names on the houses so they know where to go.” Declan

“I think the fairies will love our houses, I can’t wait to see if they return.” Niamh

All of the adults were so impressed with the children’s commitment and determination to build fairy houses. The children showed fantastic teamwork to find the resources and build very impressive and creative homes. (One home included a flag and a swimming pool)


Well done Matilda and Robinson class.

I can’t wait to see if our visitors return!!!!!

Miss Leatherland 🙂

Going to the forest…..

Wow what busy bees we have been in the forest the past few weeks!

In Matilda class we have been searching for bugs in various places and putting them into our bug hotel. The children used magnifying glasses, beakers and pencil brushes to carefully scoop the bugs into their beakers to take a closer look. In total Matilda class found an astonishing 35 bugs hidden in the forest!! Well done guys!!!





Paddington class have been playing 1,2,3 where are you in the forest. Half of children go and hide whilst the others have to go and find them. The children came up with some unique hiding spots and worked together as a team to find each other. Paddington class have also been on a bug hunt and were amazed at how many bugs they found hidden under the logs. The children were very careful when collecting their bugs and loved taking a closer look at the bodies of the bugs using the magnifying glasses. It was lovely to see the children growing in confidence as they climbed some of the trees in the forest. Well done everyone!

Last week Matilda class carried out lots of important tasks in the forest. Firstly, the children had to locate different objects in the forest by thinking outside of the box. The children had to find; something rough, something round, something beautiful to them and something fluffy. The children did a fantastic job with some very creative ideas.





The second task the class carried out was to become park rangers. The children rallied together to tidy up the leaves in the forest that had fallen with the seasonal change. The class worked together using the resources to create a humungous pile of leaves making the forest a lot tidier.

In between tidying the leaves and locating objects, Matilda class also made stick men using just sticks, string and leaves. It was fantastic to see the children’s creativity sparkle as they used leaves for the hair and made clothes out of the string. Fabulous job guys!!!!!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the forest this week……..


Miss Leatherland 🙂