The fairies have returned!!!

Brrrr, Matilda class had a very chilly forest school session on Friday. We all put on our winter woollies and braved the cold for a fantastic forest school session. The last time Matilda class visited Forest School, Flora the fairy and her friends had been to visit to ask the children to build a shelter for them.

The children rushed up to the forest to see what had changed and were amazed to see a fairy door and another note.

The children knocked on the door, however Flora and her friends were not in. Some of the children decided that the fairies might need some Christmas decorations in the forest and rallied together to make the decorations out of natural resources. Amazingly, some children saw Flora fly by and had a chance to speak to her.

  • Ellen: Dear Year 1, I want to thank you for making my house. Love Flora.
  • Lily: When I knocked the door three times, a fairy came and spoke to me. Dear Matilda class, I really like the way you built the houses and protected us from the snakes. Thank you, Love Flora
  • Emily: Dear Year 1 and Robinson Class, I hope you have a lovely Christmas thank you for our gifts. Love Flora.
  • Archie: The fairy and her friends had blue and purple dresses with blonde short hair.
  • Ellen: Flora had blonde hair with pink sparkly shoes and a blue dress.
  • Oscar: The fairy had red glittery shoes and a blue dress.
  • Emily: Flora had nice long blonde hair, she had a red dress and red shoes.










Other children had a go at using sticks and wool to create weaving poles. The children had to make sure they found sticks that were the same length and width. They then cut the string at the length they thought they needed to weave the string between the poles.





Well done Matilda Class.


Miss Leatherland 🙂