Forest School

We have been very busy in Forest School over the past few weeks. We have been learning all about different animals and how animals use their senses to survive in the wild. We began our learning by looking at how animals use their sense of smell to detect where they are and if there is danger nearby. The children then used the natural resources around the forest to make their own forest school scent to spread around the forest for the animals to find. Following this, we then looked at how animals use their sense or hearing to stay safe. The children played a variety of different games that needed very good listening skills in order to not get gobbled up by a predator.

In Forest School this week we were looking at how we could use different natural resources to create pieces of art. Some children opted to use the trees and leaves that had fallen on the floor to create pieces of work, whereas other children made mud and used their hands to create hand prints or mud faces. This was very messy but lots of fun and we all really enjoyed getting stuck in (even the grown ups).



I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I will see Paddington Class for Forest School on Friday!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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