Bird Nest Collage

This afternoon at Forest School Paddington class have been focusing on birds and building nests. We talked about how some birds will be building nests ready to protect their eggs now that we are in Spring.

We talked about what materials the birds would collect from around the woods to build their nests to make them cosy and safe. I then set the children a challenge to make their own bird nest collage pictures on paper plates.

We used paint for the background and then collected materials from around the woods to make the nest.

paddington birds

Paddington Class Parent Helpers Needed!

The beautiful bluebells are out in grangewood park and I would love to take Paddington class over to see them this Wednesday.

However we currently have no parent helpers which makes it difficult to take the children offsite.

If you can help this week, Wednesday 26th April, 1.00-3.15pm, then please speak to Mrs Chamberlain ASAP.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Read.

Beautiful Bluebells

We had a lovely sunny afternoon at Forest School today, and Matilda class enjoyed a walk down to Grangewood park to admire the new bluebells. They were very surprised at just how many there were!

We spent some quiet time today sitting and observing the bluebells, looking closely at the details. Everyone then had a go at drawing what they could see and labelled the plant using the correct vocabulary.

We discussed the different parts of a plant and what they do.

Have you found any bluebells growing in your garden or near your home?

Mrs Read 🙂

matilda bluebells

Minibeast Hotel

This afternoon at Forest School Matilda class have continued to talk about how the season has changed and we are now in spring. As part of this, we started to talk about how some insects will start to come out as the weather gets warmer towards the end of spring. In preparation for this we have decided to build a mini-beast hotel, ready for insects to use if they need somewhere to shelter, hide or sleep when at Forest School!

The children worked really well together in teams to carry wooden pallets and position them in the chosen area. The children then looked for natural objects and materials around Forest School to fill tiny pots and create ‘rooms’ for the insects in between the wooden pallet gaps.

Some of the children did some investigations to find out which insects and mini-beasts we have in our woods so that we can make sure they have a comfortable space in the hotel. Some children found a particularly big worm which was very exciting!

matilda minibeast hotel

Our mini-beast hotel is not finished yet, and we intend to keep working on it over the next few weeks. We would be very grateful if anyone has any old, unused, small plant pots they could donate to Forest School for this project, so that we can fill our minibeast hotel with lots of different ‘rooms’.

Thank you, Mrs Read 🙂


Early Signs of Spring

Today at Forest School Simba class and Matilda class have been on the lookout for the early signs of Spring. Before going to Forest School we discussed the changes over the seasons and looked at some pictures together which showed the signs of Spring to look out for.

Simba class looked around the school grounds and found blossom growing on a tree in the playground and catkins growing on a tree in the woods. They also noticed how some of the trees and bushes were sprouting new buds.

Matilda class went on a walk to Grangewood park and were very good at spotting lots of signs of Spring. We saw daffodils, snowdrops and daisies, new shoots growing up through the fallen leaves, green buds growing on the buses and trees, and catkins up really high. We also stopped to listen carefully in the woods and could hear lots of birds singing. Some of the children suggested this was because they were happy that Spring was on the way!

We talked about how birds lay eggs during the Spring and so some of the birds may have been getting their nests ready.

Well done Simba and Matilda class!

Can you spot and early signs of Spring in your garden at home or on your walk to school?

Mrs Read 🙂

early signs of spring

Making Stick Rafts

This afternoon at Forest School, Paddington class having been busy crafting stick rafts for Prospero and Miranda to sail around the Tempest island.

We looked at stick raft designs for inspiration and ideas, then the children searched the woods to find their own sticks of a similar length and size to make the base of the raft.

Mrs Read helped with tying the knots and fixing the sticks together, another stick was then fixed to the base using masking tape by the children to create a mast. The children then selected some material to cut up and create a sail.

When complete, the children tested their raft in some shallow water to see if they would float. Some children even used the drain pipes to create a slide for the boats and rafts!

Although the rafts seemed to float ok, we are not so sure they would survive a Tempest storm!



Stick Man

Today Gruffalo and Paddington class have been to Forest School. We have been listening to the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson, and tried to find him in the woods.


Some of us made our very own ‘Stick Man’ by tying sticks we had collected together and used a potato peeler to take away a layer of bark to create a face. The children then really enjoyed playing with their ‘Stick Man’ in the woods, by either making up their own stories or re-telling the Julia Donaldson version. Some children in Paddington class also went a step further and created a home for their stick people in the trees.

Why not have a look in your garden and see if you can find Stick Man? I hope he’s not lost and finds his way back to the family tree, with his stick lady love and stick children three!

Mrs Read 🙂


Autumn Leaves are Falling Down!

Gruffalo class came to Forest School this morning, and Paddington class came this afternoon.

Both classes enjoyed walking over to Grangewood park to continue to look at the effects of Autumn in the woods. For Gruffalo class this was their first visit. We spotted lots of interesting things such as different coloured leaves, berries, and some very large fungi growing on a fallen tree trunk.

If you would like to learn more about fungi or watch some videos to show how they grow, click here!

Then this afternoon Paddington class enjoyed collecting the different fallen leaves to play games such as bouncing them up and down in the parachute, or to make things like leaf crowns and magic wands.

image1 image2

Thank you for a lovely day exploring fallen leaves Gruffalo and Paddington class!

Mrs Read 🙂

Autumn Collage Pictures

It was the turn of Simba class and Matilda class to come to Forest School today.

For Simba class it was their first full morning at Forest School and they did very well. The most exciting part of the morning for the children was eating our snack outside! We did this straight away whilst we still had clean hands, and used snack time as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the Forest School rules and routines and to sing the Forest School song.

The children then had time to explore the woods with the challenge of bringing interesting Autumn items from around the woods to complete a class collage picture of a hedgehog. The children did very well and found lots of different colours and shapes to help bring the hedgehog to life!

Then this afternoon Matilda class went on an Autumn walk in the woods near school, with a checklist of items to find. We enjoyed our walk and found lots to look at in the big woods and wanted to bring all of it back! However we couldn’t carry all of the leaves and items we had found, so instead decided an item per hand would be enough. When Matilda class returned to school they then had the challenge of completing a floor collage picture and picked out the squirrel and butterfly template.

Matilda class thought very carefully about their floor collage pictures, selecting colours and textures which would best fit the different parts of each animal, and paid very close attention to details like the symmetry on the butterfly wings.


Well done Matilda and Simba class, a brilliant day at Forest School!

Mrs Read 🙂