Forest Learning

Wow what a busy day we have had at Forest School today!

Our day started at 7.30am for breakfast, which was followed by a lovely walk along the river to school. When we arrived at school we were accompanied by the Swedish teachers and children who led the way to the forest on their bikes. Every child had their own bike and carried their own backpack full of their forest school supplies. They quickly left us behind so we had a map to follow the rest of the way and find their forest school site.
By the time we found forest school the children were already sat round the fire talking about the morning activities. Today the learning was focused around the Stone Age. The children were split into three groups and rotated round the activities.

Activity 1 was around the main campfire. The children were discussing and exploring Stone Age methods for lighting fires which were quite tricky. They worked in pairs with the teacher using a bow drill to start a fire using friction. This was hard work and the children quickly got tired. They then looked at other methods of making fire such as using a flint, magnifying glass and lighter or matches.


Activity 2 involved the children working in pairs to practise lighting fires using the more modern method with steel fire lighting strikers. The children had different materials to see which was more flammable and found this method of lighting fires much easier.

Activity 3 was making a natural ‘spork’ (spoon & fork) using tools. The children were given a thick short stick and used their knives to whittle and shape the end into a spoon shape, the other end was then shaped and split to make a fork. The children then tested their sporks by eating collected nuts and berries mixed with honey.

After a very busy morning we returned to school with the children to all eat lunch together in the canteen. We had to remove our shoes at the door, like you would at home. We all served our own lunches and sat at large round tables together. At the end of lunch the children even tidied away and cleaned the tables.

This afternoon we went down to the river with the older children, age 11. We spent some time wading into the shallow banks and used nets to explore the creatures that live in the river. We found lots of exciting things and placed them carefully in buckets to examine and classify using magnifying glasses and identification charts. Mrs Chamberlain even spotted a snake!!


We are very tired after a brilliant day of forest learning and can’t wait to see what the next school has planned for us tomorrow!

Finally take a look at these lovely gifts we have been given by the schools to help make our time in the forest more comfortable, a foldable mug and cushion to sit on! Brilliant ideas and both have come in very handy already!

Mrs Read & Mrs Chamberlain. 🙂


Sweden Trip

Mrs Read & Mrs Chamberlain have had a very busy day today travelling to Sweden. We have come to Lidkoping to visit some schools and find out more about forest learning.

Our day started at 3.30am, and we eventually arrived at our hotel at 3.30pm, so a long day travelling!
This afternoon we have had some time to look round Lidkoping, which is a beautiful place, some photos below show you some of the buildings, statues and street art we found on our walk.
Then we had a meeting with all of the 35 other teachers and TAs on the course with us to find out more about our timetable for the week. So far we have learnt that school starts at 8am in the morning, so we have a very early start tomorrow.

We look forward to sharing more with you as we find out more about forest learning here in Sweden.

What would you like to know about forest learning in Sweden? Write your questions in the comments below and we will try to find the answer for you.




Rainy Day at Forest School!

The rain has not stopped today, but that hasn’t stopped our fun at Forest School!

Simba & Matilda class came to Forest School today and had so much fun in the rain.

We enjoyed trying to catch raindrops on our hands, faces and tongues, and looked around the woods to see where the rain was collecting most, thinking about why this was.

The children had different activities then to choose from. Lots enjoyed playing with the water trail, making water runs using guttering and pipes and collecting the rain using funnels and pots to fill the watering cans. The year 1 children noticed that some of the containers had measure on the side so that we could measure the rain water and compare amounts collected.

Some children enjoyed exploring the chalk in the rain, drawing patterns on the black tough spot and then using brushes to mix in the rain water to see what happened. However the most popular activity was using the powder paints, which we mixed with the rain water to make pots of paint. Some children then discovered they could mix the primary colours to make new colours and enjoyed painting the forest school fence multicoloured.

A brillaint rainy day at Forest School, and we even managed to fit in a bit of puddle jumping on the playground too! Well done Matilda and Simba class!

Mrs Read 🙂


Beautiful Bluebells

We had a lovely sunny afternoon at Forest School today, and Paddington class enjoyed a walk down to Grangewood park to admire the bluebells.

We spent some quiet time today sitting and observing the bluebells, looking closely at the details. Everyone then had a go at drawing what they could see and labelled the plant using the correct vocabulary.

We discussed the different parts of a plant and what they do.

Paddington Bluebells

I dont think the bluebells will be there for much longer, so if you havent seen them yet make sure to go quickly!

Some of Paddington class are convinced they saw some faries. Have a look at this news article on the link below and see what you think. Do faries really live in the bluebells?

Is this really tinkerbell caught on camera?

Mrs Read ?

Bird Nest Collage

This afternoon at Forest School Paddington class have been focusing on birds and building nests. We talked about how some birds will be building nests ready to protect their eggs now that we are in Spring.

We talked about what materials the birds would collect from around the woods to build their nests to make them cosy and safe. I then set the children a challenge to make their own bird nest collage pictures on paper plates.

We used paint for the background and then collected materials from around the woods to make the nest.

paddington birds

Paddington Class Parent Helpers Needed!

The beautiful bluebells are out in grangewood park and I would love to take Paddington class over to see them this Wednesday.

However we currently have no parent helpers which makes it difficult to take the children offsite.

If you can help this week, Wednesday 26th April, 1.00-3.15pm, then please speak to Mrs Chamberlain ASAP.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Read.

Beautiful Bluebells

We had a lovely sunny afternoon at Forest School today, and Matilda class enjoyed a walk down to Grangewood park to admire the new bluebells. They were very surprised at just how many there were!

We spent some quiet time today sitting and observing the bluebells, looking closely at the details. Everyone then had a go at drawing what they could see and labelled the plant using the correct vocabulary.

We discussed the different parts of a plant and what they do.

Have you found any bluebells growing in your garden or near your home?

Mrs Read 🙂

matilda bluebells

Minibeast Hotel

This afternoon at Forest School Matilda class have continued to talk about how the season has changed and we are now in spring. As part of this, we started to talk about how some insects will start to come out as the weather gets warmer towards the end of spring. In preparation for this we have decided to build a mini-beast hotel, ready for insects to use if they need somewhere to shelter, hide or sleep when at Forest School!

The children worked really well together in teams to carry wooden pallets and position them in the chosen area. The children then looked for natural objects and materials around Forest School to fill tiny pots and create ‘rooms’ for the insects in between the wooden pallet gaps.

Some of the children did some investigations to find out which insects and mini-beasts we have in our woods so that we can make sure they have a comfortable space in the hotel. Some children found a particularly big worm which was very exciting!

matilda minibeast hotel

Our mini-beast hotel is not finished yet, and we intend to keep working on it over the next few weeks. We would be very grateful if anyone has any old, unused, small plant pots they could donate to Forest School for this project, so that we can fill our minibeast hotel with lots of different ‘rooms’.

Thank you, Mrs Read 🙂


Early Signs of Spring

Today at Forest School Simba class and Matilda class have been on the lookout for the early signs of Spring. Before going to Forest School we discussed the changes over the seasons and looked at some pictures together which showed the signs of Spring to look out for.

Simba class looked around the school grounds and found blossom growing on a tree in the playground and catkins growing on a tree in the woods. They also noticed how some of the trees and bushes were sprouting new buds.

Matilda class went on a walk to Grangewood park and were very good at spotting lots of signs of Spring. We saw daffodils, snowdrops and daisies, new shoots growing up through the fallen leaves, green buds growing on the buses and trees, and catkins up really high. We also stopped to listen carefully in the woods and could hear lots of birds singing. Some of the children suggested this was because they were happy that Spring was on the way!

We talked about how birds lay eggs during the Spring and so some of the birds may have been getting their nests ready.

Well done Simba and Matilda class!

Can you spot and early signs of Spring in your garden at home or on your walk to school?

Mrs Read 🙂

early signs of spring